Wednesday, 31 March 2010

A day of meeting old friends!

Often in this ministry people who you know and grow to love disappear. You never know where or why or whether everything is OK with them. Are they even alive? Today was a day to be glad. First we met Valya. We haven't seen Valya for over 6 months. She is so much fun. They had moved cities, but continue to live on the streets. They had just returned for the day, but it was great to catch up with them. Then on the way home we met Slava. I was so please to see him. He is an older man who lived in the garage not far from our property and it has been locked for months. I was glad to see that he was alive and well, he is being treated for Tuberculosis at a clinic. There are so many others that we have lost contact and all we can do is place them in the hands of God....

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A life

Jhenya is 22 years old. He grew up in an orphanage and is now homeless. He has spent the past few years just traveling around Russia city to city. He has been to over one hundred and forty cities.
He was watching us serve tea to our "regular" homeless with curiosity, I offered him tea and he wanted to talk. I quickly told him we needed a translator... then the conversation continued. He was very "open" or it seemed he was. One really can not tell if he was lying or not. He kept asking for help. I shared with him that we can give the most help as we continue to build relationship with him. I told him to come and see us, to hang out with us as we walk the streets. He agreed and we set up another time that we would be there so he could be there as well.... I was surprised when he showed up... not on time but he did come. And he came the next time... we went out for lunch with him... I saw him one more time after that in the bus station (his home). We were short on time and so we invited him to come and spend Sunday with us... go to church in the afternoon and to eat with us... he never showed up.
I left a couple days later to Finland. While I was gone Ruth heard that he left town.
I wonder where Jhenya is now...
While we were with him we met another young man who also lives like Jhenya does... traveling from one place to another, just doing whatever comes there way.
How many more young people are out there living like that?
How can we help young people like him?

Maybe one day I will have the privilege of meeting Jhenya again. BUT overall I pray that God will open up the doors to meet more of these young people and open up the doors to see them come off the streets. Maybe I will have the privilege of being involved in that... or maybe you will...

Friday, 5 March 2010


It is Alexei's 35th birthday today. I was sad because I couldn't find him... I wanted to let him know that he was special and that I was glad that he was born. He really wants to go home to Siberia, to be with his family, but something has happened that made him leave in the first place. He worries that soon he might lose his leg as it is infected and the hospitals won't admit him. Our small medical help just stops it getting worse. Even worse, he feels the threat of death on the streets daily.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I was encouraged to see how, without many words, one young American guy touched the hearts of our homeless. He quickly won their hearts with the short time he was with us, firmly becoming a favourite. There are echos of his time with us... he has a new name Napoleon Bonaparte ( B being for Byron), and they speak so fondly of him. Our homeless people never forget the kindness of strangers; it doesn't happen very often and it helps them to remember the world isn't as bad as it seems...

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Babushka Tonya

Only 65 years old; almost the same age as my dad, but looks maybe 15 years older. She is such a sweet woman, to me at least. In one year she buried 8 people who were close to her, from mother, to brother, to son. This was only about a year and a half ago. She recognises this is the reason why she started drinking. I am not suprised, it is a lot of grief for anyone to carry, particularly if they don't know the Lord.

When we first met her she wanted to visit the church where we go, because she liked what she saw in us. Soon after that she disappeared. Now she has returned, and there is another chance for her to get to know her saviour!

Saturday, 4 July 2009


A boy in a man's body
His girlfriend is a prostitue and he is the local muscle. Wanted and needed to look after the homeless and needy around him. These things make him feel special. These things make him feel important.
I like being free
In and out of prison, wanting something different but not really willing to fight to get it. It is his reputation today, living for this moment that really matters.
We were to pick him up for church
He was there, we were a little surprised. We were waiting for one other girl to come out who was also coming... and within that 5 minute wait he was gone. Later he said he got a call, he had to work. We probably will never know the truth.
We saw potential
He is charismatic, he is friendly, he is good looking and most importantly he is kind. Everyone wants a piece of him. We pushed him we challanged him, he was/is curious.

How much do you push? What should you say?
We want to help. We want to see him change. It is hard when that is not what he wants.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Gap in the system

Yesterday we again met someone who is on the streets because having just been released from prison, he has nowhere to go. Yet again we see the need for some aftercare for people who have been made homeless after they have been released and either they have no family left to take them in or they have been disowned by them. As in other countries it is hard, almost impossible for these people to find jobs and to build a new life. Again, we ask the question "What can we do for someone like this?" and pray "God send us more workers and supporters of the vision to see people of the streets lives changed!!!!".